Till History

Since 2014

Till began as whiskey-infused complaints.

The complaints were the need for time, solitude, and quiet away from the day-to-day in order to get writing done. We began as a free-form writers’ residency on the 365 acres of Smoke Farm and expanded to include the production of an annual chapbook and Seattle-based writing events.


Arne Pihl is a writer, woodworker and curator. He was a Jack Straw Writer and two-time participant in the (now defunct) Seattle International Poetry Festival. His work has appeared in City Arts, Vox Populi, LOCUSPOINT, on city buses, in vending machines, and as installation art for the inauguration of the City of Seattle’s All Rise project. A Northwest native, he lives in Seattle when the days are long and bright, and in a tiny, off-grid cabin in the Mojave desert when they are not.

Chelsea Werner-Jatzke is the author of the chapbooks, Thunder Lizard (H_NGM_N, 2016) and Adventures in Property Management (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017). She is managing fiction editor at Pacifica Literary Review and editorial director at Conium Review. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Cream City Review, Bodega, Hobart, Sonora Review, and Tupelo Quarterly, among others. She lives in Seattle.



  1. Kate Fernandez
  2. Karen Finneyfrock
  3. Samuel Ligon
  4. Corinne Manning
  5. Anastacia Tolbert


  1. Rachel Hug
  2. Chelsea Kurnick
  3. Breona Gutschmidt
  4. Suzanne Warren
  5. Amy Glynn
  6. Andrya Packer
  7. Jay McAleer
  8. Mark Lammers
  9. Kathleen Nacozy
  10. Judy Oldfield-Wilson
  11. Corey Bova
  12. Kelle Grace Gaddis
  13. Rose Swartz
  14. Jill Leininger
  15. Lucy Hitz
  16. Ian Denning
  17. Drew Dillhunt
  18. Corina Zappia
  19. Matt Muth
  20. Tara Atkinson
  21. Kristen Young
  22. Lauren Ireland
  23. Adair Rice
  24. Amber Nelson
  25. Summer Karaskova
  26. Jocelyn MacDonald
  27. Kate Lebo
  28. Melanie Masson
  29. Nicole Hardina
  30. Angela Wilhite


Tessa Hulls



  1. Bill Carty
  2. Sierra Nelson
  3. Michelle Penaloza
  4. Arne Pihl


  1. Jennifer Brennock
  2. Drew Dillhunt
  3. Shelby Handler
  4. Anna Goren
  5. Nick Greer
  6. Libby Hsu
  7. Emily Johnston
  8. Stacy Lawson
  9. Melanie Masson
  10. Jay McAleer
  11. Rachel Mehl
  12. Matt Muth
  13. Doug Smith
  14. Spark
  15. Catherine Suthoff Slaton
  16. Rose Swartz
  17. Julie Trimingham
  18. Samantha Updegrave
  19. Suzanne Warren
  20. Ellen Welcker
  21. Corina Zappia
  22. Maya Zeller


Diane Einsiedler
Laura O’Quin



Kate Fernandez


  1. Alex Bleeker
  2. John Boylan
  3. Sara Brickman
  4. Drew Dillhunt
  5. Libby Hsu
  6. Willie James
  7. Emily Johnston
  8. Matt Kelsey
  9. Melanie Masson
  10. Doug Nufer
  11. Justin Roberts
  12. Catherine Sutthoff Slaton
  13. Rose Swartz
  14. Jay Thompson
  15. Samantha Updegrave



Jeremy Calvert, Jeff Lacoste, Melanie Masson, Arne Pihl, Louise Pihl, Jane Sebastian, Steven Stone