Cultivating time, space, and community for writers

Till is a writers’ residency and writing event series that produces an annual chapbook. We offer scalable and affordable programs to writers of all genres at all stages of their career.

Till is on an indefinite hiatus!

Till was founded in 2013 through a collaboration between Arne Pihl and Chelsea Werner-Jatzke. It was created to increase access to the literary world through writing practices, feedback forums, workspaces, literary readings, and publication opportunities. By decreasing barriers to the pursuit of a writing practice, Till cultivated a space for diverse voices and an opening where writers could create, inspire, and grow their craft.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, Chelsea and Arne shifted focus. Arne founded Casual Surveying Co. and co-curated the Series 001 temporary space in South Lake Union which was a welcome return to the arts as quarantine came to an end. Chelsea co-directs Cadence Video Poetry Festival at the Northwest Film Forum and is co-curator of Good Symptom, a serial publication of time-based literature from Third Thing Press.

Find them on social: @arnepihl + @chelseawienerjetski

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Till Residency

A confluence of writers at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA. A long weekend of workshops, wandering, and writing, Smoke Farm is a 365 acre former dairy and pasture on the Stillaguamish River that is reverting to wilderness. This may also be the task of the writer—to allow cultivated syntax to go to seed. To till and harvest in the wilds of language.

Workshops are offered throughout the weekend. A reading by workshop leaders takes place the last evening. Dinners are provided.  Words come naturally. Learn more.

Till Chapbook

Each residency produces the publication of a hand-bound chapbook. Covers are letterpress printed at Abactors’ Hideout, a printing studio at Smoke Farm. Writing is contributed by residents, workshop leaders, and Till staff to create a capsule of the community that can reach and enrich a wider community. The chapbook is released in Seattle in the fall with a free public reading.



Till Tonight

A monthly writing time taking place in Seattle and open to all writers. Till Tonight is a quiet space provided as a generative time for any and all writers so long as they come to write and write anything at all. This year, Till Tonight takes place on the second Wednesday of the month at Common Area Maintenance. But we’re flexible, are you?